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SpeakEasy Prompters, Inc. SpeakEasy Prompters, Inc.

SpeakEasy Prompters delivers more than just your lines...
we deliver a professional, dependable service to every client, every time.

On-Camera Prompters:

Thru-the-lens flat panel units:

  • 8" for Steadicam, handheld & tripods
  • 10" 12" 13" 15" & 17" for tripods
  • 12" 15" & 17" for jib arms
  • 17" CRT's for "Ball Park" cameras
t8 close up
on cam 21
on cam 17
jib 29

Over-the-lens flat panel units:

  • 12" & 15" for ReflecMedia Light Rings,
    and other lens restrictive adapters
  • 12" & 15" for jib arms
direct view

Off-camera, Thru-the-Lens Prompters:

  • 12" 15" and 17" thru-the lens prompters & stands
    (for use with tripods that can't hold additional weight)
  • Side monitors & stands: 9" to 20" off-camera unit
off-camera monitor
on cam 14

Off-Camera Monitors:

  • Side monitors and stands 15” to 20” for multiple talent interaction rather than “to the camera” speaking.
on cam 14
on cam 23
off-cam teleprompter

Interrotron Prompters:

Interrotron - Josh Hamilton
  • Live feed of the interviewer’s face is placed into the prompter. The person being interviewed converses, eye-to-eye in real time, directly into the lens. The result: responses which are much more animated and natural (as shown at right).
  • Thru-the lens prompter, on or off camera mounting.
  • Interview on location or from a remote site.

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Are there some camera attachments that won’t work with prompter?

How much light will the prompter glass block?

Can you prompt outdoors?

Can I email you the script ahead of time?

In what format do you need my script?

Can you prompt my PowerPoint slides?

“Stand alone,” “thru-the-lens,” “off-camera,” “side monitors”… I’m confused!

What if my talent has never used a teleprompter before?

What experience do your operators have to offer?

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