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SpeakEasy Prompters, Inc. SpeakEasy Prompters, Inc.

SpeakEasy Prompters delivers more than just your lines...
we deliver a professional, dependable service to every client, every time.

Presidential System:

Flat Panel VGA or Composite Presidential Teleprompters for use at a podium and a Desktop Computer Package (see below).

“System for Down Stage Monitors:

For use with floor monitors or rear-screen projectors. This Desktop Computer System includes dual computers, preview monitor, switcher, printer, and DA for BNC, VGA or Cat 6 feed.

Can I email you the script ahead of time?

In what format do you need my script?

Can I use PowerPoint for prompting my script?

What about last minute changes?

What if my client has never used a teleprompter before?

We have a presenter who isn’t comfortable on stage and doesn’t want to use prompter, but we’d like him to try it. How can you help?

What experience do your operators have to offer?

Should I write my script word for word or use bullet points?

Should I use the Presidential or the floor monitors?

Contact Us:  972-416-2416972-416-2416

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